What are the best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation?

Our clients are constantly asking us about what clippers or razors we recommend, and which are the best clippers for men with scalp microPigmentation that clip the hair so it blends well.

The general rule with finding a trimmer or clippers is to look for a razor, clippers, or a shaver that cuts the hair down to a very short length, thus giving the client a few days between clipping so there is less maintenance. If you have very extreme hair loss or alopecia even, shaving the hair right down to the skin is preferred, keeping minimal hair on the sides if there is no hair on top. If the client does have a little hair on top of the scalp – you could most likely use a quality set of beard trimmers.

How often the client will cut their hair and with which style of shaver or clippers really depends on how fast their hair grows.  We find that clients whose hair is very dark and only grows on the sides of the head and low in the crown, look best with a razor shave or very tight trimmers. If a client’s hair is very light and has a thin coverage everywhere, they will get the best blending effect using a beard trimmer.

So what do we think the best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation are? Read below where we ranked the best in the business.  These clippers and razors have all been used and tested by us as well as our clients.

Best Clippers for Men with Scalp Micropigmentation


This is our number 1 choice when it comes to the best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation.  These clippers take the hair down to a perfect stubble for almost all hair types and styles. This trimmer comes standard with the Ultra-Thin Zero-Gap DLC/Titanium T-Blade (FX707Z), so there is no messing around trying to do that zero gapping yourself like some other trimmers on the market. It features an exposed blade with 360-degree views. All of these features make this the perfect tool for crispy edge-ups, hard lines, and all detail work.  This has become the industry standard in barbering nowadays!

andis t outliner

This is another excellent clipper very similar to the previous clippers we featured.  It works really well for all types of hair patterns.  These clippers take the hair down to a very tight stubble. You can even do an adjustment to the blade that is called “zero gapping” and then it gets even tighter almost to skin.  The contoured housing fits comfortably in your hand. The high-speed, powerful magnetic motor runs cool and quiet. The high-quality carbon-steel blades are specially hardened for long-life cutting.  There is also a cordless version. These reasons are why we chose it as one of the best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation


Don’t let the cheap price scare you off, these beard trimmers are one of our client’s favorites when it comes to cutting their hair, so its definitely one of the best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation.  Toss out all of the attachments that come in this kit (unless you have a beard, then they may be useful) because you will never use them.  This blade cuts to the perfect length.  Because these tend to not be as sharp as the Andis T Outliner you can just fly through the cutting process.  The fact that these are cordless and super lightweight also makes these great for a travel option even if you normally use a different set of clippers.

oster model 10

While these are a great set of clippers, they may be a bit of an overkill. You need to upgrade the blade to a #00000 to get a close enough shave to blend with your SMP procedure.  What makes these clippers nice is that they work well if you also have a beard, or if you are cutting other family members’ hair, like the kids.  These are another staple in most barbershops, and they find their place in many of our clients’ homes making them one of the best clippers for scalp micropigmentation.  These are extremely durable and will take a serious beating and a ton of use.

Best Foil Shavers for Men with Scalp Micropigmentation

babyliss pro

If you want to shave down to the skin then this is your best option.  Most barbers use this foil razor to get that skin fade.  It’s tried and true.  It’s not waterproof, but it makes up for that in how good it works.  Shaving down to the skin is not for everyone and we find most guys want some sort of stubble, but for those of you who want to go stubble-free, this is your best option.  Men whose skin is sensitive or easily irritated by shaving, or who suffer from a skin allergy, will find this to be their safest option if they really want that skin shave look..


While this isn’t our first choice when it comes to a foil razor, it does work very well for some guys. The reinvented and unique design of Pitbull Gold PRO men’s shaver with the use of best-in-class materials offers unconventional comfort during shaving. We added this razor to our list of best clippers for men with scalp micropigmentation because it can be used in the shower, it fits nicely in the hand, and the shavers are formed to the head.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a widely popular non-surgical hair loss solution whereby minuscule deposits of pigment simulate hair follicles on the scalp. SMP for men, however, is extremely intricate and not a mere “hair tattoo.” We use different pigments and needles to accurately simulate tiny hair follicles.

How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

SMP for men is permanent, however, the “dots” or injected pigment lessen in circumference very slightly over time. While this is not technically fading, the scalp will benefit from a touch-up session every 4-6 years. This nearly imperceptible decrease in circumference happens because macrophage cells in the human immune system will gradually break up and disperse pigment from any procedure, albeit extremely slowly.

What will my head look like immediately after treatment?

Expect some redness which will subside after a day or two.

Is SMP painful?

Although each client’s pain sensitivity differs, SMP is much less painful than a traditional tattoo. SMP needles are so thin, some customers say they feel almost nothing. When asked to rate their pain levels, most SMP clients report 1-3 on a scale of 1-10.

Can SMP be removed?

Yes, SMP for men can be removed with an electro-optic Q switched laser, which is used to heat and break up SMP pigmentation for easier absorption by phagocytes in the dermis. SMP is easy to remove because the pigment isn’t deposited as deep as traditional tattoo ink.

Does insurance cover scalp micropigmentation?

No, sorry. Scalp micropigmentation for men is a cosmetic procedure by nature, so it is rarely ever covered by medical insurance. It’s worth checking with your insurance provider about potential coverage since policies vary as do personal circumstances.

Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

SMP for men is a non-surgical hair loss solution. Needles deposit pigment below the upper layer of the skin, similar to a body art tattoo. The procedure is a very safe remedy for male hair loss when performed by a professional.

How is SMP different than a regular tattoo?

Unlike traditional tattooing, SMP pigment is deposited near the epidermal layer rather than deep inside the dermal layer. SMP can be removed by laser much more easily than traditional tattoos.

Will I be able to go in the sun?

We recommend always using some sort of sunscreen to retain the ink its longest. Should you choose not to use sunscreen, for the first 30 days you must cover your head with sunscreen or a hat.

What is the treatment process and how long is one session?

Depending on the level of baldness or male hair loss, the first treatment session generally takes 1-3 hours while the second and third sessions take 1-2 hours. Each session is performed 1-2 weeks apart with the average client receiving 3 sessions.

What should I be cautious of in the days following my treatment?

In the first 4 days following treatment, avoid shaving, showers, sweating, scrubbing, shampooing topicals and long term exposure to sunlight. It’s okay to lightly dab the area with wet cloths, but do not soak the head. After 4 days, it’s okay to shower (lightly), shave, and use fragrance free moisturizers. After 10 days, you can resume your normal activities, but it’s still best to avoid long term sunlight for 30 days.

How often will men need to shave their head?

This is a personal preference, but most clients opt for a buzzed look where they shave every 1-3 days.

How much does scalp micropigmentation cost?

The cost of SMP for men varies per client.  We base the cost on how much of the treatment needs to be applied and by how many sessions are needed per client, which is assessed based on male hair loss.  We offer FREE consultations for everyone. During the consultation, we will be able to assess your scalp and from there we can judge approximately how much treatment and how many sessions you will need.

Does micropigmentation look natural / real?

Scalp micropigmentation for men looks incredibly real, as long as it is applied correctly. Many of our clients say their family, friends, and co-workers say they look younger or something looks different about them, but no one ever knows what it is that has changed and that’s what we want when addressing male hair loss!

Does SMP stimulate hair growth or help grow my hair back?

No, sorry, scalp micropigmentation for men will not grow your hair back. However, SMP for men gives you the look of short hair, a tight buzz-cut, or fuller hair density.

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